Objectives in foundation of EERC:

Nowadays, efforts for preserving environment and reducing resulted pollutions from human every day life and industrial activities is considered one the main basis of constant development of countries. As Azerbaijan is considered as an industrial province and according to the need of the industries and also due to lack of any research centres in this field in the region, Environmental Engineering Research Centre has been able to play an important role in research studies and providing engineering solutions for management, removal and reduction of pollutions emerged from Northwest region industries and also the whole country. It is worth noting that researchers of Sahand University of Technology have maintained close relations with industries and related organizations. Several research studies have been successfully conducted or are currently under research in EERC for solving environmental issues of industries.

EERC is comprehensively active in two fields of air pollutions and wastewater and has official permissions on behalf of Ministry of Science, Research and Technology.

Current fields researched at EERC:


  • Soil studies and research for removing pollutions from water, air and soil.
  • Developing physical, biological and advanced oxidation process methods for removal of persistent pollutions from drink water, human, industrial, petroleum and petrochemical wastewater.
  • Design and providing technical knowledge for analysing and removal of environmental pollutions to industrial units, organizations and governmental and private organizations
  • Providing support and solutions in case of air pollution control, management of wastes and municipal and industrial wastewater.



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